October 8, 2021

The Guild Journey

4 min read

Your journey with Guild Academy is carefully mapped out from the very beginning.

We first outline a plan for how you enter into our world, how you will develop yourself, in-game and out-of-game, and where you might ultimately end up.

Let’s see what awaits you…

Humble Beginnings

Your entry point into the Guild world are open, online tournaments.

These tournaments cater for all levels of esports players and they allow you to engage with other players and your local community.

They’re also a nice introduction to our online academy, which is your next step on the journey.

Training Montage

After these initial tournaments, you’ll then have the option of subscribing to our online academy.

Here, you’ll be able to access all of our training resources and develop your esports skills.

The online academy also provides you with access to the Guild experience with regards to coaching, analysis and support - specific to each game. You’ll develop your in-game and out-of-game skills, access your training dashboard and receive performance analysis, all assisted by AI-technologies.

Provided you obtain membership, we’ll also furnish your training journey with live interactions with our academy coaches.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to apply your new skills in weekly, monthly and quarterly tournaments.

These have levels of rewards that go up, including sponsored prizes, Guild Points to be used in loyalty programs and chances to scrim with professional players, and training sessions with professional coaches.

Plus, if you absolutely boss it in these tournaments, there’s always the chance of being scouted by professional esports teams!

Reaching the Top

Those who show the best promise in our online academy’s training sessions and tournaments will proceed to the next level and receive direct coaching at Guild’s London HQ.

Here you’ll receive in-depth coaching and training sessions, such as bootcamps and LAN tournaments, with state-of-the-art equipment and those players who are deemed to have the potential of turning pro, become Guild professionals.

At this stage, while the London HQ will still be your base of operations, the majority of your time will be spent by traveling to tournaments across the world, making all your dreams and aspirations of becoming a professional esports athlete come true.

At every step of this journey, you’ll have the full support of Guild and all its resources and your individual ability, discipline and focus will determine where you end up.

Our premise is that we’ll provide everyone, regardless of social and physical characteristics, with the same resources and opportunities to succeed as an esports athlete, or with a professional career in the esports world.

And know this - once you step on this path, you’re part of the Guild community for good!

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